UGC E Samadhan Portal for Students Grievance Redressal Launching Soon

e-Samadhan, as its name implies, focuses on issue resolution. The UGC is getting ready to launch its new “e-Samadhan” platform, which will be used to handle complaints from students and employees. The portal will give openness and will listen to any complaints. UGC E Samadhan Portal will be combined with all other websites and helplines, except for the one that helps people who are being bullied. This page will explain what the e-Samadhan site is, as well as its aims and benefits. We will also highlight how students may submit complaints using this platform. 

UGC E Samadhan Portal

UGC E Samadhan Portal

Since there was no specific single approach for complaints, students, staff, or non-teaching staff made multiple complaints on multiple platforms, making it hectic for the users and the grievance addresses to resolve such chaotic situations. Therefore, this UGC E Samadhan Portal will resolve and address all issues on this single windowed portal.

Using a centralized platform known as ‘e-Samadhan, ‘the higher education sector regulator known as the University Grants Commission (UGC) is about to begin monitoring and resolving any complaints lodged by students and employees working in universities. A digital platform where stakeholders may identify themselves and apply for complaints, comments, or inquiries, the portal is known. This site puts an end to unfair practices in higher education institutions and offers a method for redressing complaints within a certain amount of time. It is anticipated that the e-Samadhan portal will be beneficial to 38 million different students. 

UGC e-Samadhan is a step forward for the service to stakeholders, which would be a single window system for all of the stakeholders to register their complaints or grievances on the portal, which would be available all the time with the click of a mouse. This would be a step forward for the service to stakeholders. On the UGC website, users will be able to call a toll-free number, 1800-111-656, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report any problems they are having. Click to Check About ” National Scholarship Portal “

UGC E Samadhan Portal

UGC E Samadhan Overview

Portal Name E Samadhan
Launch by UGC
Beneficiaries Stakeholders (students/staff/non-teaching)
Objective Register complaint
Website Coming soon

UGC E Samadhan Objectives

UGC provided choices. Because there was no uniform complaint technique, stakeholders submitted several. Slow redress concerns parties. This E-samadhan platform will answer all concerns on a single platform. According to the UGC, the main aim of the portal is to provide a platform that would assure all of the following: Transparency, the prevention of unfair practices in higher education institutions; and the provision of a time-bound process for the redressal of complaints. 

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UGC E Samadhan Benefits

The benefits of this portal are as follows:

  • The University Grants Commission has created a new mechanism for redressing student complaints called “e-Samadhan”.
  • Students may make several complaints using a centralized portal.
  • Due to appropriate documentation and docket numbers, it will be simpler to trace the status of the complaints.
  • The relevant bureau chief must assess the complaints regularly to ensure their effective execution.
  • It would aid in identifying the institutions that are not responding to complaints so that the Commission may take harsh action.
  • Students and employees may now lodge concerns by completing a method with the use of a mail ID or by phoning a toll-free number and receiving a response.
  • The UGC has also established concrete deadlines for responding to the complaints lodged. The time limit for all items pertaining to students has been set at 10 calendar days (working days). For teaching and non-teaching, it’s 15 days. This is also an issue that concerns the university or the institution. The maximum time restriction is 20 days to address and resolve issues.
  • UGC has many entities, including 1043 universities, 42343 colleges, 3.85 billion students, and 15.03 lakhs teachers. With this one e-samadhan site, it is advantageous and simple to address them on a unified platform.

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UGC E Samadhan Eligibility

Eligibilities declared for this portal are:

  • The user must be a citizen of India.
  • Users must be registered on the e-Smadhan portal in order to register complaints.

UGC E Samadhan Documents

The documents needed for Smadha documents are as follows:

UGC E Samadhan How to apply for a complaint Online through Portal

To file a complaint, the government has revealed the following essentials for filing a complaint:

  • First, visit the portal’s official webpage.
  • A homepage will then be shown.
  • If you have already registered, just click the log-in icon and enter your credentials.
  • After signing in successfully on the site, choose the grievance area.
  • The page will open. Pick the complaint type and enter your phone number and email address.
  • then press the submit button. 
  • Then your complaint has been successfully registered under this portal and accordingly will be addressed.
  • After complaining you can check the status by checking the check status icon on the homepage and you can check whether the complaint has been addressed or not.

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